Laws on the establishment and registration of Associations, Foundations and Federations

Proposed Bills: Basic Law Amendment Bill proposed by the Ministry Of Interior on 22 November 2023 (Greek only)

‘Law on Associations, Foundations and other related issues (L. 104(I)/2017). 
NB. This is an unofficial translation of the Law and the text does not include the amendments of 2019 and 2020. 

Amendment 2018, L. 76(I)/2018

Amendment 2019, L. 84(Ι)/2019

Amendment 2020, L. 118(I)/2020

The full text of the law including the amendments is available on CyLaw (Auto-translated from Greek).

Regulations: The approval of regulations of the new Law 104(I)/2017 and the Amendments of 2018 and 2019 were pending. The new regulations for Associations, Foundations and Federations (Forms, Fees and Other Special Provisions) Regulations 2020 (Auto-translated from Greek) were approved by the Council of Ministers and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic on 17/07/20.


Laws on Charitable Foundations, Charitable Purposes and special statuses

Charitable Foundations Law (Chapter 41) (Auto-translated from Greek)

Requirements for getting the Charity status approved (in Greek)

NB. Approved Charities are not established/recognised according to a specific law, but they are approved by the Minister of Finance based on certain criteria.


Other relevant laws

Fundraising Law


Laws that are repealed:

Associations and Foundations Laws of 1972 and 1997

Law on the Registration of Clubs (Chapter 112)


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