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The Cyprus NGOs Initiative

The Cyprus NGOs Initiative is an informal group of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that aims to create a bridge of communication with the state and other relevant stakeholders, such as, among others, the media and banking institutions, on issues related to the operating framework of NGOs. Within this framework, the Cyprus NGOs Initiative aims to monitor and participate in the consultation process on legislative reforms, in the development of policies as well as in the formulation of decisions that affect the operation and work of NGOs in Cyprus, and the participation of citizens in the public sphere in general. 

The NGOs Initiative Group is essentially reactivated, as it was created in 2007, after having played a substantial and active role in the amendment of the NGO legislation until 2017, with the passing of the Law. 

Members of the NGO Initiative Group are:

  • Cyprus Youth Council
  • Cyprus Family Planning Association
  • NGO Support Centre
  • ena emeis

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